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Where is the meeting located?

The meeting will be held in Mombasa which is located on the southeast coast of Kenya bordering the Indian Ocean . Mombasa is the Kenya’s oldest and second largest city that is home to approximately 1.4million people. Mombasa has beautiful beaches and a deep historical and cultural heritage. It covers an area of 219km excluding 65kms of water mass of the Indian Ocean. It is characterized by a flat topography and has a warm, tropical climate. Mombasa is a large and diverse population. The local communities include Mijikenda , Swahili and Kenyan Arabs. Its original Arabic name is Manbasa.
The history of the city is a mixture of African, Persian, Arab, Portuguese and British influences which contributed to the rich cultures found in the city today. Mombasa was a great trading center with several items such as glass, brass, copper, iron and rhino horn passing through the coast. It was originally inhabited by the African Bantu people.

Visa Information

All foreign citizens traveling to Kenya will need a visa, except citizens from exempt countries. For those citizens who require a visa it is recommended to start the visa process early and to apply for an e-visa where applicable. Requirements and the process of visa application are found on https://evisa.go.ke/
If you require a letter of invitation to support your visa application, please contact KATCA at enquiries @ afmrm2022.com

Port Health Requirements

Some travelers are required to have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate to gain entry to Kenya. Please visit https://www.kaa.go.ke/airports/airport-services/port-health/ website for more information.

Please visit https://www.kcaa.or.ke/covid-19/covid-19-travel-requirements on the latest information on COVID19 testing requirements.

Emergency Contacts

Ambulance and Rescue: St Johns Ambulance Service: +254 721 225 285
National Service: 999
Medical Emergency: 999
Fire Brigade: 999
Police: 999 / 112 / 911
Tourist Helpline(24hr): +254 20 6004 767 or +254 722 745 645 or +254 738 617 499

The Kenyan Shilling (KES) is the currency used in Mombasa. Banknotes start from 50 KES. 1 USD is approximately 118 KES and 1 EUR is approximately 140 KES.

It is recommended to drink bottled water during your stay in Mombasa.

The time zone in Kenya is UTC +3 hours.

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Most international credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express can be used at various outlets including ATMs in Kenya.

Mombasa is expected to be sunny in October. Temperatures reach a high of 30 degreees Celsius and a low of 22 degrees Celsius.

Swahili is the national language of Kenya and English is also widely spoken. The 33rd IFATCA AFM Regional Meeting and social events will be conducted in English.

You may require an adapter to plug your appliances into the power sockets. The adapter required for Kenya is Type G (BS-1363). The electrical current is 240 volts AC/ 50 Hz frequency

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