Keziah Ogutu is a Regional Officer ATM/SAR with the ICAO Eastern and Southern African Regional Office, Nairobi Kenya. In this capacity, she is responsible for providing technical support to 24 AFI states in the area of ATM and SAR. Keziah is a trained Air Traffic Control Officer with five Ratings i.e. Aerodrome Control, Approach Control, Area/Enroute Control and Terminal and Enroute Surveillance Control. Also a qualified SAR Mission Coordinator (SMC) and On the Job Training Instructor
Mr. Albert Aidoo Taylor, born in Ghana and an African at heart, has had a distinguished career in the Aviation Industry for over forty (40) years with dedication, passion and professionalism, working in cooperation with States, industries and international organizations for the improvement of aviation globally, and with particular focus on harnessing available regional resources to accelerate a continent-wide approach to African growth and development initiatives
Fateh Bekhti  is a professional Air Traffic Controller with extensive experience in the aviation industry and is currently the EVP AFM Region since 2017. He served many years as operational air traffic controllers before moving to training operational and ab initio air traffic controllers. His involvement in IFATCA started a long time ago in 2012 as  MID Runway safety and airports representative.
Mark Taylor has been an Air Traffic Controller since 2003. He is fully qualified as both a Tower and Radar Approach controller providing services to both military and civilian aircraft in busy regional airspace in the UK along with being an OJTI. He is also involved in safety management functions, fatigue risk management, and Human Factors training. Prior to controller training he was an ATC Assistant that saw assignments to flight operations, flight planning, and airfield operations departments both in the UK and abroad.
Eng Annastacia is an Air Traffic Controller with 4 years experience. She holds an Aerodrome and Approach Procedural Rating. She is currently stationed at Moi International Airport. She is a member of the Safety Management Committee at her station and CANSO safety working group. Additionally, she is an active KATCA member who serves in the Technical Committee.

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